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21-Oct-2017 12:14

Their friendship is unique they're unique it doesn't matter what we think it's they're choice if they want friendship or something more. I'm very happy and just ignore when she said about that fake news. Bake My Day is always loyal we never lose hope for Baek Mi so we deserve to win this! Love Yoong EXO (Specially Lu Yoon) She's really friendly with them Musketeers (Kyuhyun and Yoona) Close Friends Friendly and supportive shippers is equal to Perfection. And the way Kyuhyun and Yoona saw a Kyu Na banner in SMTown Indonesia made us fans already happy. And same as Dara., And that is define what is DESTINY and FATE is! So, I hope they will be a real couple who's naturally together We trust to our kyuyoung!We as their loving and loyal fans all we have to do is love, support, trust, encourage, and respect our idols. I really love Baek Mi so much because they have similarities! We didn't believe in illusions but we know that Kyuhyun and Yoona are friends. :) We applers maybe the most controversial and such. This couple is real because they don't need to show what they have ON CAM They have a lot of couple stuff. They're born to be together Knight (Kyuhyun & Sooyoung) These two are seriously meant to be with each other. Ice Fishies (Donghae & Jessica) I Like this couple, because I think this couple it's very natural. They're too perfect :---)There are many moments about them. Hope Hae Sica will comeback I've seen the interaction between these two in young street where Heechul hosted as dj. Heechul was like aware of this ship where he teased them being charmed to each other.I have this gut feel that they have crossed the line of friendship..They are perfect match their best friends they support each other in their work they do. Watch KBS Love request and you can see their small lovely family at the end of the show keke~ Yes, KYUNA is real I'm really love this couple &Though, they're friend, but I think their body language say that their relationship is just more than friendship KYUNA jjang!

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I especially love the RUnning man part where Minho was removing SUlli's gear... Taemin and Naeun ,their's love forever.~ I ship them. And I can't even imagine how perfect it would be if they become a couple laugh out loud ~ baby couple because they are still babies haha. They look good together& I think lulu really has something for seohyun.Unless we do have feeling for them and lulu is way to obvious with all of his stares. Best couple Wires (Kyuhyun & Seohyun) Evil Prince and Angel princess laugh out loud. I can't say anything about them, because I believe they're REAL couple : DKyuhyun look shy if He near to Seohyun and so do Her...He says he wants bright, cheerful and a woman who's good at cooking - well she is that woman.

He says he wants simple girls in shirts and shorts/jeans, uhm PSH style is like that.But their friendship is unique they make each other comfortable and make each other laugh and support each other that's why the Dooley Couple is the best couple she didn't care if he wasn't an idol or actor when they meet and he didn't care that she was a actor with ..There are real best couple.. I think this couple will made a great pair, sadly he is taken. I don't know why but I think almost everyone in here can realized that maybe...

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