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"PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE THIS MA^oti L r Mt T^Tiieo F MATERIAL HAS BEEN GRANTED BY eouc ATio N Reading Area Community College 7Kepe0 NO!

MCCESSARH^V PEPr C SENT OFFICIAL NATIONAL tl^STl TUl E OF eou CATio N POSITION Oft POLi Cy TO THE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INFORMATION CENTER (ERIO." October, 1980 i MIUTARy CURKt Cm M Mfil ERIfi LS TSie military-developea curricoljuin materials in this course package were selected by the National Center for Eesearch in Vocational Education Military CXum-Culum Project for dissenv- the six regional Curriculum Coordination Centers and other jjistructional itateri als agencies, TSie purpose of disseminating tiiese courses was to make cundculum materials "developed'^by^^die^i Td-^^ — educators in the civilian setting.

The oourse itaterials wsre aoguired, evaluated b/ project ^ staff and practitioners in the field, and prepared for dissemination, "Materials which were specific to the lilitary VBTs deleted, ooj^righbed materials were either emitted or appro- val for their use was obtaimd. 609/292-6562 808/948-7834 IL COURSE OVERVIEW The term "work readiness" indicates that an individual has attained t^e sicills neces- sary to obtain and maintain an occupation which may lead to a meaningful/^tisfymg, and productive working career In order to reach this status of "work read iness'C the trainee has^to acquire technical skills, develop a positive attitude toward work, and d^elop job* seeking and job-survival ski Hs.

These oourse packages contain curriculum resource materials whidi can be adapted to si:5iport vocational instruction and curriculum develc^xnent. Lesson Plan: Attitudes 140 Activity 1: Job Survival Attitudes Quiz 141 Activity 2: Job Survival Attitudes Quiz 142 B. represented yyill expand as additional mate' Pirector Dlrecx)r rials with application to- vocational and 225 West State Street 1776 University Ave. The Working Class is designed to pr^ide ihe trainee with job-seeking and job*survival skills.

S* (except Ohio) ^ Military Curriculum Materials for Vocational and Technical Education Services Division The N^yoinl Center for no$oarch in Vocntiona! 151 Actrvity 4: tnterpersonal Problem*Sotving 152 Activity 5: Time Management 153 E. WA 98504 Av tat Ion Health ' 20fe/753-0879 Building & Heating & Air Construction - Conditioning MIDWEST SOUTHEAST Trades Machine Shop Robert Pat ton James F. 'V Mississippi State University Communications Meteorology &. completion, resume preparation, interview skills, and job search techniques.

Lesson Plan: Job Survival Tools 155 Activity 1: Organizational Chart 156 Activity 2: Job Description 157 Activity 3: Performance Appraisal 159 Activity 4: Company Policy 160 Actfvity5: Job Acceptance Letter 170 F. Office of Education, includes the identification and acquisition of curriculum materials in print form from the Coast Guard, Air r Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy. The acquired materials are reviewed by staff and subject matter specialff^s, and courses deemed applicable to vocational and tech- nical ^ucation are selected for dissftmination The Center for Research in Vocational Education is the U. Office of ^Education 's^desigrrated representative to acquire the materials and conduct the project activities* Project Staff r Wesley E. D., Director National Center Clearinghouse Shirley A. Stittwater, OK 74704 Drawer DX ^ Drafting Navigation 405/377-2000 Mississippi State. This section will require approximately 80 study'hours;the following topics will be covered: - Attitudes - Goal Setting Job Preference and Suitability - Employment Resources - Pre*Ap plication Skills - Job Application Skills - Job-Search Skills - Post'lnterview Critique Format The job survival skills section concentrates on those skills necessary to keep a job.

PERSONNEL QUALIFICATIONS STANDARDS (PQS): None developed \ 149253P 14 i1i FOREWORD This document was prepared for submission to higher authority for approval.

undo; mis-; de-; dis- This suffix is similar to -be'.

-be' implies that something is not done, -Ha implies that it was undone, and so is stronger.

It indicates that there has been a change of state; that the action has been undone or been carried out incorrectly.

;t E Military Curriculum Materials for Vocationar and Technical Education/ Miniature/tticrominiaxure Electro Jiics Repair, CNTT H-100-0034B, Classroom Course 7-15* l USTITOTION Fleet Training Center, Norfolk, Va, ; Ohio State 0_ni Vw-i::»-luinbus, National Center for Research in ' Vocat iona l Education, -SEONS-tt S^UCI ""CKief ot Wavai Eaucation and Training support, Pe Hsacola, Fla, t OB DATE May 79 NOTE 1 ,62«p, HF13/PC65 Plus Postage, Behavioral Objectives: Curriculum Guides: Electrical Occupations: ♦Electric Circuits: *siectronic Equipment: ^Electronics: *Equipi Dent Maintenance: High schools: Learning Act ivities: Lesson Plans: Postsecondary Education:^ ^Repair: secondary Education; Trade and Industrial Education ♦Hicrcminiat ure^ Circuits: Military Curriculum Project: ^Miniature Circuits: Sclderers ABSTRACT These instructor materials (curriculum outline, lesson plans) aihd student (guide for a high school-postsecondary level * course in miniature/micrciftniature electronic^ repair are one of a nuffiljer of m Tlitafy*d3veloped curriculum packa^ges selected for adaptation to vocational instruction and curriculum development in a civilian setting.

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Repair of Damaged Prin/ced Circuit Boards) r (3l Terminal and Connector Pin Soldering (Insulation Removal, Wire Tinning and soldering to.Turret Terminals; ; Soldering to Hook and pierced' Tab Terminals: Soldering to Bifurcated Terminals: soldering Coin^ctor Pins) # and (4y Micro-Elecrronic Circuit Maintenance Techifigues (Tntroductiop to Micro-Electronic Circuit Soards, Microminiature Repair Task It Sentif ication and Procedural Analysis, Micro-Electronic Circuit Conformal Coating Removal and Cesoldering Technigues, Micro*Elect ronic Circuit ^soldering Techniques), The curriculum outline and lessen plans give — 'the instructor, this information; time allocation, training equipment, training aids, text required, references; terminal objective, enabling objectives, and outline of instruction with instructor and student activities.