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21-Aug-2017 04:24

” Shortly thereafter, WND’s comment was posted, but the word “homosexual” was altered to “****sexual,” presumably because the stand-alone prefix “homo” is sometimes used in a derogatory fashion.

WND sought comment from Hasbro, the company that now owns the rights to Milton Bradley games, but received no response.

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Entirely new sensations for both of us — especially if I also squeeze my legs a little tighter — that keeps things interesting while we're going at it." —during the commercials.

“I had no idea how insidious they were being with pushing the homosexual agenda.” WND again followed the mother’s example, posting the following comment under the screen name “newseditor1”: “Your guidelines ask us to ‘keep your language safe for the kids,’ yet here’s a game where children may choose homosexual marriage and child-rearing,” WND wrote.

“Many sections of society accept this as normative, but many also would consider this too mature a theme for children. Is it appropriate to include, for example, lesbianism in this game?

He almost always wants to do something right away, but I usually shoo him off.

That way when we get home later, we're both practically bursting with anticipation." "Never underestimate the power of a good pillow.

The redesign also included car game pieces that could be filled with plastic pegs representing a player’s growing “family.” The board game did not prevent players in any way from placing two pink or two blue pegs in the front seat, thus depicting a homosexual couple.

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