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Play continues until one player or team wins by being the first to achieve or exceed a specific number of points (usually 50 or 60), either agreed upon beforehand by the players, or set by tournament the opponent's cue ball (sometimes called the "receiver")—usually directly, but off a cushion is permitted and very common—with the goal of secondarily having the opponent's cue ball, directly or by way of rebounding off a cushion, next hit the pins and/or the red object ball (sometimes called the pallino ("bullet") or "jack", terms common to several other games, such as bocce).The final pattern looks like a " " (plus sign), as shown in the adjacent diagram.This arrangement of pins on the table is referred to as the "castle".Register now to start meeting and dating girls in London!), is today usually a carom billiards form of cue sport, though sometimes still played on a pocket table.

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Ball-in-hand on fouls is not entirely free; the incoming shooter after a ball-in-hand foul can only place his/her cue ball on the opposite half of the table from the other cue ball, and must shoot from the end (short part) not side of the table.Two whites are aligned along the center string with the , aligned with the diamonds in the center of the long rails, and again with the red pin.The whites are spaced just far enough away from the red that a cue ball can pass between the pins without touching any of them.In addition to the customary three balls of most carom games, it makes use of a set of five upright pins (skittles) arranged in a " " pattern at the center of the table.

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The game is popular especially in Italy (where it originated) and Argentina, but also in some other parts of Latin America and Europe, with international, televised professional tournaments (for the carom version only).

Five-pins integrates some of the target-shooting aspects of pool, snooker, etc.

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